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Deployment process Below are the steps needed before processing the Edassist file for the first time. 1. Check Backup-care to YES, and check client uses eligibility to YES and then un-check the backup care to No. 2. Create a back-up program parameter and Eligibility registration records. 3. Create an eligibility threshold record Verify in Prod CRM that account shell has been created

Search for name

Copy completed EMT, Mapforce file, Raw file into INT Currently Deployed performance folder (specify link)

Move Old file to Previously Deployed.

Launch Eligibility Deployment Manager tool.

Add new Folder
Select account from list
Click Select

Click Reload to show folder populated in list or navigate to folder shares to confirm.

Update Deployment::: Make sure your directory to deploy only has one map file in it. Deployment tab Type client name in drop down. Check config Status Once populated, confirm that the version you want to deployed shows in the “New MFD to Deploy” field. If it matches correctly, click “«<Deploy New MFD” - - Best practice, YALV – make sure to check nothing is running… To Add – section for More about Folder status, explanation of “Move to Old or Invalid”

***Deploy to single environment. Has to be done manually??

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