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“Client does not enabled eligibility.”

Log into the CRM Giving this error. Prod INT Perf STG Navigate to the entry for the account you’re working on. On the default General section: • Scroll down to Account Type and Lines of Business

Select Back-Up Care “Yes” temporarily Now go to Back-Up Client section

Lower down there is the field Client Uses Eligibility

Check Yes Now go back up and turn Back-Up Care = No, and save the record

If it’s also needed, add Back-Up Program Parameters:

Click Add New Back-Up Program Parameters

Name the Parameter for the account.

Click Save and Close

If also needed to add the Eligibility Threshold:

The threshold was defined earlier for this account, but if there wasn’t a record here, you would click

Then you’d name the record after the account, and set all 3 thresholds to ‘10’

Click Save and Close

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